Bratislva. With Tomas Smid, Miloslav Mecir became the world champion in 1987 in London, with Helena Sukova winning the Hopman Cup in 1989 in the Australian Perthe.

In the ATP rankings it climbed to fourth place. As a 26-year-old he had to quit a Bet365 career for persistent back problems.

Since 1994 he has been the captain of the Slovak daviscup team, and in 2005 he has moved with his team up to the final.

“Father with my older brother, I went with my family to the courts and I was bored, I started playing with a wooden cutting plate, I used to build my dolls and I was bobbing a ball. Then he was playing with his friends, and there was a good game there.Arriving in Bratislava helped me greatly in tennis, I had a lot better preparation for Slovan. ”

” I really liked Björn Borg. I was fascinated by his Bet365 relaxation and gambling, the perfect movement on the court. ”

” After the triumph in Pardubice, my self-confidence grew, I soon won the junior championship in 21 years in Šumperk and opened my door to the representation . Gradually, successes among seniors also came. I love to mention the final singles match against Libor Pimek in 1983. I came out of the mechballa and eventually won the five-act battle. They played at the old center on Slovan, people cheered on me.It was a very rare scalp for me, because Libor was already high on the computer and I was only Unibet collecting the first points. ”

” It was a paradox, because at the beginning of my career, hard on my harde and especially in the halls . I remember that even in the junior category, I scored points for the Grand Prix on clay. I always dropped on the Orange Bowl in the first or second round. Then I went to Venezuela’s clay tournament and I won. Gradually, however, I became accustomed to the hard surface. My results on the clay were not good anymore.

” Against Sweden, I have never played badly.Already Unibet among the juniors I played with Wilander and I played mostly in three sets. Their style suits me, they did not know how to endanger me. Thanks to the awesome game I was very successful. They have had respect for me. ”

” I did not even expect to be so far off the surface. I thought I’d go over Roland Garros. It kicked me a lot, I moved on the ladder and I started to be upgraded to the tournaments. ”

” I do not like the Masters. During the preparation, I was blown away by a big blister and I was wrong. After an unsuccessful performance, I was a bit disappointed because I felt good and wanted to play something in New York City. But the health handicap was great. ”

” It was a gap.He played in the Royal Albert Hall in a theater environment, reminding me of Lucerne in the larger. I would never have thought that there was a chance to organize a sporting event. It was a nice experience, the final came to my and Tomas’ parents. Tomas helped me very much in my early Unibet beginnings. I did not have a quadruple rank at the time, and I learned a lot from it. Gradually, we created a strong tandem in the Davis Cup. He was a wall on the net, almost nothing went through him. I was the back wall again and it was good for us. I quickly learned to read his thoughts, improved on the net. We were good friends out of the court, we went together for dinner. ”

” Starting under the five Olympic circles is the dream of every athlete.I was disappointed that when tennis was an exhibition sport at the 1984 OH in Los Angeles, we could not go there. The eastern bloc countries boycotted the Olympics. After arriving in Seoul, euphoria took hold of me. I met other athletes, we encouraged each other. ”

” I was very encouraged by the demanding semi-final against Stefano Edberg. Jozko Unibet showed that it is possible to reach the Olympics at the highest level. We saw the conclusion of the club competition at the clubhouse, and as he walked into the stadium, he felt emotions and pushed his tears into his eyes. Then he showed us all the medal, which inspired me even more.The profit of Olympic gold was more than a dream for me. ”

” Our tennis tournament was extremely successful, with Milan Šrejber we won bronze in the quarter, and Helenka Suková and Jana Novotná brought silver. Many media representatives were waiting for us at the airport. My son, Milosko, who had a quarter of a year ago, has been outraged by so many cameras. I was glad to see him again. ”

” I always played good in Australia and I got a great form in Melbourne. I swooped up to Goran Ivanishevich, who Unibet then started to push the rocks, and I set him back. I played the final in a big heat and I was dehydrated, and then I started to loot my back. Lendl, however, was a very difficult bite, for five years.I managed to get him in the big match only once in the final in Key Biscayne. “Video // Miloslav Mečíř is pulling out of Ivan Lendl

” I tried everything possible, To be able to make a hit. I went to France for surgery, but it did not work well. I felt my leg weak, my strength was completely gone, and the reflexes were miserable. I was afraid I might even be able to sport at all. I have been through half-yearly regeneration, and it has Unibet gradually improved a bit, but it has never been that. I still feel that the leg is different from the other and that there are still some consequences. Praise that I can sometimes play with my friends hockey and some tennis. ”

” I tried to play with a graphite rocket for two or three weeks, but it did not.The first week seemed fantastic to me, but I was gradually losing control of the game and getting drunk. I only played with force of will and combat. Then I borrowed a wooden rocket from Tomáš Šmíd – the last model they produced at the time. I lost the first game in three sets, but I knew it was the right one. I’ve grown up with wooden rockets, I’ve made the same style, and in 23 or 24 years I did not want to change it anymore. “” I did not like someone saying something to me repeatedly. I liked the master of my time and managed things myself. Many told me that I did not have a coach with me, but it seemed to me that it worked without him. I tried to work on my own skin in co-operation with Kucher, and it was a period we both very much like.I had a lot of friends from the ATP circuit. Being a coach is a bit different than being a player, nerves are even more excited. The man is going to the yard, he tries at least to telepathic the seat and once Unibet again he is like the needles. ”

” The Czechs took over the successor relay and we had to start from the peak. I remember that in Bratislava we organized a mini-tournament with the participation of the eight countries that we won sovereignly. At that time, Maroš Vajda was still playing and Kučera and Krošlák began to speak about the word. Getting from the Euro-African zone between the elite world of six was not easy. We’ve played some unfortunate matches. We played in Egypt, where the boy did not eat food or great heat, but he gradually created a great team in the team.Domino Hrbatý was added to Kaja Kucera and in 1997, after a valuable victory in Canada, we made progress to the world group. Both boys live betting online made great Unibet progress and became world players. ”

” We have begun winning the JAR in Johannesburg. The South Africans put us on the grass and thought we were going to get out, but the opposite was true. We were lucky the following season. We played all matches at home and until the final were all the boys healthy. The Spaniards built in the 1st round of Nadal only on the foursides because they came from the clay tournament and still did not know how well they can play on a fast surface. Even the Argentinians did not come in the most powerful set. ”

” It was a very difficult time, I decided after a long hesitation.In the final we could not count on Karol Beck, who had a positive test during the match with Argentina, and it was a noticeable weakening. Kucera almost did not play at all, he had unbalanced performances, so I decided for Mercian. After the fight is every general, but if I could decide again, I would probably put it the same way. The first set against Ancic, which Mertho had well done. ”

” It’s his decision. We’ve been trying to make him a lot more time to return to the daviscup team, but he’s been Unibet unsuccessful. Karol said that if the situation in the tennis federation does not change, he will not be represented.I do not know if the player can put such conditions, and in addition, the union makes a good robot in my opinion and can raise a lot of money for the youth as well. ”

” It will not be easy to get back among the elite because many teams have With at least one player from the first world fifty. I hope our young players will continue to advance, then we have a bigger chance. A positive break occurred last year at Lukáš Lacka, who jumped in the ATP rankings and was also valid in the Davis Cup. He earned many points and was an example to others. At the end of the season, Martin Kliman, who helped cooperate with the Czechs, showed good light in the good light. Andrej Martin also made great progress. It would please my son’s distinct shifts.Milosko plays pretty nice, he tries, but he misses more game security. He can beat good players, but then he Unibet will not confirm it. I will hold his thumbs to jump in the rankings by at least 100 seats. If it was around 150, there is a growing taste with food…”Miloš Mečíř ml.

” Today’s tennis is more intense and faster, there is much less time for tactics. When I occasionally take some of my matches to the video, it sounds like a slow motion movie. Younger players have less chances and take longer to become established among men. With the exception of Nadal with Federer or Djokovic, who under the leadership of Maroš Vajd flew quite fast, there are not even significant personalities. It is unlikely that at the age of 15 or 16 somebody will break between men.Players must first Unibet mature and play in the senior category for two or three years to be able to push and win a grandslam tournament. ”

” They’ve always been tough to say that the Unibet online betting promotions season should be shorter, but the tournaments and Prize money, so they will still play. It’s their profession. If they see a good chance to win, they also go to tournaments where they can not get as many points. Older players, who are already a little worn out, are rescued in order to be fit and optimized before the biggest tournaments. Nowhere is it written that the player has to play 30 tournaments during the season. There are passages where you can Unibet make a two-week rest. ”