Captain Interu raged the ultras: Take off the tape, you clown!

On Sunday, Inter took Cagliari, things were happening at San Siru. Icardi welcomed the banner with a non-telling message: “You are not a man. You’re not a captain. You are just a nasty piece of h….! ”

The audience was whistling and beaming at the whole game. And, after 26 minutes, he was able to compensate for the goal. Their anger was so great that they did not mind the team missed the chance of going into the lead. And that’s why he eventually lost 1: 2.

The main goal was fulfilled: let Icardima know that he is no longer welcome. What was the ultras so furious?

Just a few lines in Icardi’s new autobiography. Specifically, a passage 1xbet bonus describing the events after a lost match with Sassuole in February 2015. “Fans called us under the boiler, I heard all the possible shit.And then I saw a little boy who asked me to give him his jersey, “Icardi told him.” I gave him a gift, but the ultras boss kid jumped, the jersey took him and threw him back. I started screaming at him: You, uh, are you doing a groom in front of a little kid to pull yourself to the rest of the boiler? In the cabin they were celebrating me as a hero, no one allowed himself to stand up to the ultras boss, “argentinian shooter argues.

That’s what the hard core of fans has madly mad at. As soon as the book appeared on the shelves, they issued a statement in which Icardi’s version was overwhelmed. “He talks about children, and he thinks of an incident that never happened to show in a better light than we do. But our sector is helping children with choreographies, “the fans say. And they say, “You have finished with us. Done.Take the tape, you clown! ”

The Ultras also read that he harshly threatened them in the book:” I can stand one after the other. How many are there? Fifty? Hundred? Two hundred? I’ll call hundreds of criminals from Argentina to kill them. Then we will see. ”

Such things do not forget the boys in the boiler. That’s why Icardi tried to get back in front of 1xbet mobile the game and put a long text on Instagram, trying to explain everything.

“I definitely did not want to upset anyone. You are the ones I run every weekend to celebrate my goals, Inter I love, “he tried to make them smile. How it turned out during the match did not succeed. Icardi was so upset about the other problems he had experienced in his career.He was the one who made the most of it when he started with Maxi Lopes’ wife three years ago.

Icardi took Blond Wanda and now runs his career as a manager. She is supposedly worth the controversial autobiography. This is going to be adjusted now: Inter’s leadership after Icardim’s meeting decided that the pages in the book must disappear. The Argentine player was fined, but the tape remains.

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